Thematic Hitchhiker

With this Thematic Hitchhiker edit, Quentin continues with his how to series videos on youtube. Check it!

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“The very first A-Class Kevlar tire production sold out immediately upon arrival.”
Aresbikes team rider York Uno put this popular high-pressure tire to the test. Here’s what he thought of them:

Aresbikes A-Class Kevlar by York Uno

“Like the regular A-class tires, the Kevlar version comes in two sizes, 1.90 and 1.75. For speed and agility, I went for the thin, lightweight 1.75 tires, because they’re easy to handle, and good for tire-grabbing tricks.
The biggest difference between the regular A-Class and the Kevlar version is the weight. While the regular A-class 1.75 is 410g, the Kevlar A-Class 1.75 is a very light 345g. This lightness really allows better bike control.
These high-pressure tires have been developed to run from a regular 110psi (7.5 bar) right up to 180psi (12.4 bar).
The Kevlar tire allows you to feel the true value of Japanese-made high-pressure tires.
The compound is the same as my current A-class tires, so I did my first test ride at the same pressure to have a better comparison. Right from the very start I was amazed at how well they gripped.
From the beginning, compared to the regular A-Class tire, the Kevlar version required a smaller amount of wax during the manufacturing process. Wax is used to get the tire out of the manufacturing mould, and to prevent deterioration during this process.

Aresbikes A-Class Kevlar by York Uno

I tested the tires on asphalt, concrete, wood, marble floors…and quickly adapted to riding with the Kevlar tires.
The ability to easily adjust the tire pressure allows for an amazing grip and a really smooth ride on every surface! It’s the kind of feeling I couldn’t imagine from any other all-round flatland tire I’ve tried before.
And because they fold up so small, they’re really convenient to carry around. They’re ideal to keep in your bag as spares for contests or filming.
Make sure you pick up some A-CLASS 1.75 Kevlar Tires!”

The A-Class Kevlar tires will be available in spring 2015 here in Europe.

Aresbikes A-Class Kevlar by York Uno


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Thematic Hangfive

Another how to edit from Quentin Pelorson. This time Quentin focuses on the hangvife and introduces variations for beginner to more advanced level riders.

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York Uno spinning and flowing at Nagano city.

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Thematic TimeMachine

10 different variations of the time machine. This is the first video in a serie of “how to” videos Quentin Pelorson plans to publish on his new youtube channel. Here is what Quentin has to say about his new project:

“I started a new video playlist to list tricks and help young riders to learn flatland.
There are 2 kids in my city that started BMX Flatland one year ago, and after learning steam roller, hang five, cyclone and megaspin they blocked and didn’t know what to do next.
One of them felt in love with the Time Machine trick, every weekend he asked me to show him how to do.
I discovered that he knew only one way to go on the pedal, and when I showed him some other variations he managed to do the trick.
I did this video to show him different ways to do the time machine, and this video helped him, so I think it could be a good thing to share it. The goal is to show to advanced beginners several variations of a trick, maybe it will give them some ideas.

I plan to do the same with the common tricks like hang five, halfpacker…
Anyway, the others video will be add to this playlist, to make it simple to find.”

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Flatland world champion Yohei Uchino demonstrates his street skills in this edit for his sponsors Puma and Murasaki Sports.

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Vibrations Urbaines 2014 Highlights

Some runs from the flatland contest at Vibrations Urbaines in France who took place in October 2014. Our team rider Didier Genet achieved 3rd place in pro class. Congratulations Didier!

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2015 Aresbikes complete bikes pictures

Aresbikes S-Kill complete bike

Aresbikes complete bike 2015 A-Class tire (45 psi)

Aresbikes Aplus complete bike

Aresbikes freecoaster

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A-Class Kevlar tire

Aresbikes plans to produce the A-Class tire as a foldable Kevlar version. A limited edition was available at the Flatark contest in Kobe, Japan in October 2014. Here some more A-Class Kevlar details:

Size : 20×1.75 & 20×1.90
100% Made In Japan
Weight : 1.75 / 345g, 1.90 / 405g

Aresbikes A-Class Kevlar tire

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Aresbikes 2015 complete bikes overview

Aresbikes released the specs of their 2015 complete bikes. Besides the already existing 3 complete bikes Aplus, S-Kill and STN, the Aplus-1 and WIT (12″) will be available for the first time in 2015. The frame geometry of the existing models (Aplus, S-Kill and STN) didn’t change, but some parts have been upgraded. The 2015 versions of the Aplus and S-Kill bike are now equipped with the B004 freecoaster, alloy seat post and 45 PSI Aresbikes A-Class tires. The 16″ STN kids bike comes as well with a freecoaster next year.

The 12″ WIT BMX is for kids from 3 years old. It comes with training wheels, 2 brakes and 4 pegs.
The Aplus-1 is a new fully equipped flatland beginner bike (freecoaster, 4 pegs) and the price will be around € 400.-.

Aresbikes Aplus-2 2015 / 18,5" / 0 offset fork / front load stem

Aresbikes S-Kill comp 2015 / 19" / offset fork / top load stem

Aresbikes Aplus-1 2015 / 18,5" / 0 offset fork / front load stem

Aresbikes STN 2015 / 16" / freecoaster

Aresbikes WIT 12" / training wheels / 4 pegs / for kids from 3 years

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