Aresbikes 2015 complete bikes overview

Aresbikes released the specs of their 2015 complete bikes. Besides the already existing 3 complete bikes Aplus, S-Kill and STN, the Aplus-1 and WIT (12″) will be available for the first time in 2015. The frame geometry of the existing models (Aplus, S-Kill and STN) didn’t change, but some parts have been upgraded. The 2015 versions of the Aplus and S-Kill bike are now equipped with the B004 freecoaster, alloy seat post and 45 PSI Aresbikes A-Class tires. The 16″ STN kids bike comes as well with a freecoaster next year.

The 12″ WIT BMX is for kids from 3 years old. It comes with training wheels, 2 brakes and 4 pegs.
The Aplus-1 is a new fully equipped flatland beginner bike (freecoaster, 4 pegs) and the price will be around € 400.-.

Aresbikes Aplus-2 2015 / 18,5" / 0 offset fork / front load stem

Aresbikes S-Kill comp 2015 / 19" / offset fork / top load stem

Aresbikes Aplus-1 2015 / 18,5" / 0 offset fork / front load stem

Aresbikes STN 2015 / 16" / freecoaster

Aresbikes WIT 12" / training wheels / 4 pegs / for kids from 3 years

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