Aresbikes A-Class Kevlar tire

Aresbikes A-Class Kevlar foldable tire

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black/1.75 49.95 (incl. 19% VAT) AVAIL
black/1.90 49.95 (incl. 19% VAT) AVAIL
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This is the Kevlar version of the Aresbikes A-Class tire. The tire was developed by Hiroya Morizaki, who focused on improved grip / speed balance when designing this tire. Aresbikes achieves this balance with a slightly different production process and the approved A-class compound. 100% made in Japan!

Read what Hiroya Moirzaki has to say about the A-Class tire in the Decade Talk Vol. 3

Size : 20×1.75 / 20×1.90
Weight: 345g (1.75) / 405g (1.90)
Pressure: 125 psi

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Aresbikes A-Class Kevlar tire

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