430 “Run” DVD

430 Run DVD

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This is the first 430-team DVD filmed by James Smith. An incredible piece of BMX art featuring some of the best japanese flatland riders. The DVD comes with an original 430 finger bike.

– Kotaro Arai
– Hironao Doko
– Yohei Uchino
– Yoshihiro “Taka” Nishikawa
– Keiji “Tamao” Nakamura
– Takuma Kawamura
– Shinchi “Russia” Kiba
– Kotaro Tanaka
– Hiroshi Uehara (430 CEO)
– Hiroya Morizaki
– Tomokazu “Mo-rich” Morinaga
– Tsutomu Kitayama

Camera : James Smith
Camera man: Daisuke “HALU” Nishida
Edit : Takahiro Yasuda
Director : Go Nakano

link reference
– DVD review on global-flat.com
– DVD review on flatmattersonline.com
– 430 “Run” DVD trailer

Shipping rates for most EU countries
priority: € 17.- / 2-3 days
economy: € 13.- / 4-8 days

If you order the DVD with other parts, please check the “brakeless” shipping rates. Contact us for the precise shipping rate for your country.

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