Insanes Express-2 pedals

Insanes Express-2 pedal

setup price € stock
black 49.- 34.30 AVAIL
buy from: brakeless, dealer

A super-thin, 13mm nylon fiber pedal that’s set to become the new standard. Different from the standard plastic pedal, this pedal has been designed with extra emphasis on durability for the rider. Less hitting the pavement when pedaling and a lot less wobbling. 8mm axle bolts allow for a much higher strength tolerance when installing.
The Express-1 model comes with removable Cr-Mo pins.
The Express-2 model comes with non-removable nylon fiber pins.

### specs ###
material: nylon fiber
weight: 320g (pair)
thickness: 13mm
pin material: nylon fiber
axle material: cr-mo
axle diameter: 8mm
non removable pins
color: Black, White, Clear, Red, Purple

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