Quentin Pelorson – NoSteamRoller skills

Our team rider Quentin Pelorson putted together this D.I.Y. edit. Quentin’s plan was to make a video without doing steamrollers. Instead of steamrollers you see tricks like cross footed halpacker g-turn, inside halfpacker to inside halfpacker jump, plastic man to foot jam whip….Quentin definitely pushed the limits to achieve his goal. This is what Quentin said about his new video:

“Steamroller is one of the first tricks beginners learn in BMX Flatland.
This trick can be linked with almost any other, it became an easy to handle trick in the middle of a combo.
By removing this trick from my combos, I was obligated to discover new tricks to build my combos.
Ever since my combos have become smoother and more dynamic.
Sometimes, thanks to a limitation, you get over your own limits.”

“Steamroller est un des tout premier trick que l’on apprend en BMX Flatland.
Ce trick peut être enchainer avec presque n’importe quel autre, il devient alors une position de confort au milieu d’un enchaînement.
En m’imposant d’enlever ce trick de mes enchaînements j’ai été obligé de découvrir de nouveaux tricks pour construire mes enchaînements.
Depuis mes enchaînements sont devenus plus fluides et plus dynamiques.
Parfois, grâce à une contrainte, on dépasse ses limites.”

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