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music to ride #3

Hey everybody, back with a fresh music-post! This time i’m gonna present you “Shigeto”, actually coming out on the Detroit based Record-Label “Ghostly International”.

Artists take on pseudonyms for a multitude of reasons, but in Zach Saginaw’s case, those reasons run deeper than most. Zach records under the name Shigeto. It’s his middle name; it’s also his grandfather’s name, a tribute to the Japanese branch of Zach’s family tree. Shigeto also means “to grow bigger”—appropriate, given Zach’s premature birth-weight of less than a pound. Today, Shigeto stands for Zach’s vividly beautiful electronic music. Beat-driven but given to richly textured sound design, rhythmically fractured but melodically sumptuous, Shigeto’s music is a bridge between the past and present, bringing the artist face to face with a creative legacy that spans decades.
More information about Shigeto on:
I am Shigeto
Ghostly International

You can download Shigeto’s “New Light” EP from soundcloud.
The “New Light” EP, is a collection of five previously unreleased tracks, culled from the last three years, that reside in the softer and more ambient spaces within Shigeto’s repertoire.

Questions? Get in touch! smirre@brakeless.ch

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music to ride #1

Hi Folk’s
So, this is my first “music to ride” Post. A few weeks ago my friend Adrian asked me if i’d like to post some music in his “brakeless” blog and I immediately said yes! Years ago, i spend every free minute to dig records in the record stores, now i’m retired DJ and I have found that i’m loosing my digger instinct…so i hope that the “music to ride” posts will help me to keep my digger instinct alive and hope that you gonna have fun & good rides with some fresh beats that you will discover here..and never forget that rule number 9 of the 29 rules to stay creative says: listen to new music.
Ooright, enough of blabla, here’s my first post: check out the “plug casts” from LA based record label “Plug Research” you can grab the plugcasts from their website.

Yours Smirre

Questions? Get in touch! smirre@brakeless.ch

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