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Stock update July 2013

This week, the new Boo4 hubs and some small Aresbikes parts arrived. Check the list below. Sorry for the bad pictures.

Find a dealer in your country or contact us!

Boo4 hubs polish

Boo4 hubs black

Boo4 new packaging

Aresbikes VAR peg

Aresbikes VAR peg

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Moto Bicycle pedals

Some new, very thin and light pedals from Moto Bicycles in Berlin. Creative head behind this innovative project is Ali Barjesteh. The pedals will be produced in various materials. The prototype is made of wood, and looks really interesting.  Visite Moto Bicycles website and like them on facebook.

New pedals for leisure cyclists and urban bikers

– Probably the world’s lightest and flattest pedals on the market soon!

Ultralight and ultraflat: these are innovative new platform pedals for bicycles (patent applied for). As standard they are a mere 300 g per pair, and measure just 15 mm in thickness. The pedals will be available through the trade in early summer 2012 and will cost around 150 Euros. Final tests and quality checking are currently under way.

pedal height

– Take less to impress

These new pedals have been reduced to the bare essentials, and they come with no frills, just pure design. The first batch to be produced will be the wood version.

The grip tape on the platforms ensures that your feet stay safely on the pedals, whichever shoes you’re wearing. Thanks to the grip tape you can also do without studs, which many urban bikers use but which can potentially cause injury. The extra-wide and slip-resistant platforms secure your safety as you ride.

motobicycle pedals

Because these new pedals are flatter, they put the foot closer to the axle and so closer to the optimal biomechanical ‘sweet spot’. It also means they offer improved ground clearance. The new pedals were developed by Berlin-based ‘Ideas foundry’ Moto Bicycles and BMX champion Ali Barjesteh, working with experts in mechanical engineering, aerospace production and product design.

– Flat as a pancake

These pedals are a completely new development in both design and technology. They have many unique features:

  • They are probably the world’s lightest platform pedals.
  • The patented bearing system is developed as a single unit  (integrated with the axle).
  • The pedal body, a laminated structure, is completely sealed.
  • Contemporary, eye-catching and protected ‘sculptural’ shape.
  • They offer the best grip, with any shoe.
  • Countless design possibilities via the grip tape on the platforms.

pedal grip

pedal strip

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Arestic ADJHS available at tokyo fixed UK

The plastic version of the Arestic adjustable head spacers are now available at tokyo fixed in the UK!
Check the spacers on tokyo fixed here.


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FOLK single speed

More specs and pics from FOLK, the new single speed line from Aresbykes.
Besides the regular edition, there are 2 special editions:
– “HIDDEN CHAMPION” – in collaboration with the mix culture magazine
The 2 special editions only vary in the frame colors from the regular edition.

FOLK by Aresbykes

Special Color : MILK BOY WHITE/BLK,Hidden Champion Mat OLIVE

Size?47cm / 51cm / 54cm
Top Tube Length : 517mm / 525mm / 560mm
Seat Tube Length : 470mm / 510mm / 540mm
Head Tube Length : 105mm / 120mm / 130mm
Front Center Length : 577mm / 577mm / 597mm
Rear Center Length : 405mm
BB Hight : 57mm
Head Angle : 71.5° / 72.5° / 73°
Seat Angle : 75° / 75° / 74°

Frame : Folk CR-MO FRAME
Fork : 1 1/8 CR-MO Fork Off set 40mm
Head Set : FSA Integral Head
Handle Bar : AL 6061 Bar W:550mm , R:30mm , Up:6deg, Back:8deg
Stem : AL Stem
Seat : VELO Saddle
Seat Post : AL Seat Post 27.2
Crank : Prowheel AL Crank 170mm
Chain Ring : 46T
Chain :KMC Z510
Front and Rear Hub: Formula Loose Ball BEARING (Rear: flip-flop -fixed / freewheel)
Spoke : Stainless Spoke 14G
RIM : Alex Race28 32H Hight 27mm
Free Wheel / Fixed COG : 17T
F&R Brake : Tectro Brake
Brake Lever : Tectro Lever
TIRE : Kenda 700c x 26c
PEDAL :  VP Road Pedal W/Toe Clip & Strap

more here

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New Aresbykes line: Folk

Ares just published the news of a new line named Folk.
It is a city bike line with a flip-flop back wheel hub (fixed / freewheel) and 3 different frame sizes (470, 510 and 540).
Japanese retail price is around € 600.-. More details coming soon.

Check out the catalogue (flash player requiered): http://www.aresbykes.com/folk_flash/index_.html


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Arestic ADJ.H/S spacer 10-15 mm – plastic

ADJ.H/S spacer plastic

setup price € stock
yellow/10-15mm 11.70 8.19 AVAIL
red/10-15mm 11.70 8.19 AVAIL
buy from: brakeless, tokyo fixed

Plastic version of the Arestic ADJ.H/S spacer.
more here

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Weird pista edit

A fixed gear freestyle contest took place in Yokohama. Kozo from Aresbykes won the the first place!!

YouTube Preview Image
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FFC metal grip

Metal grip gold

setup price € stock
black 29.- 20.30 AVAIL
silver 29.- 20.30 AVAIL
gold 29.- 20.30 AVAIL
buy from: brakeless, shop-velo

–Available in May 2011–

Stylish grip from FunFancy Japan.
Aluminium body coated with a sticky and soft rubber which provides a nice grip and a very high absorption characteristic.
The narrowd part in the aluminium body allows an unique ergonomic positioning of the thumb and the forefinger.

The rubber can be replaced separately.

This is the grip for a better control!
more here

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After the great success of the first version of the Ares Loophole frame,
Ares decided to produce a new version of the popular frame.

The design didn’t change much, but the frame is totally different.
The geometry is influenced by the riders needs and ideas.

This is not a mass production frame, all handmade by one man!

Weight: 2,26 kg

Loophole 1Loophole 2

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Kozo – fixed gear tailwhip

Kozo fixed gear tailwhip with an Ares Attractor
YouTube Preview Image

Kozo street style
YouTube Preview Image

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