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Aresbikes blade stem

The new Aresbikes blade stem will be available at the end of this year. The stem clamp bolt position provides more space for your knees. The stem has a length of 50mm and comes on 3 different colors: mat. black, polish and black cp.

Aresbikes Balde stem mat.black

Aresbikes Balde stem black cp

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Merry Xmas!

I can’t offer you any Xmas presents, but at least I can provide you with some ideas of how you can make yourself a big present in 2013. Check the pics of some new (and old) Ares parts available in 2013.

Merry Xmas to all of you!

Ares Ag stem 3 V2 2013

Ares Ag stem 2 V2 2013

Ares Ag stem 1 V2 2013

Ares Var peg 2013

Ares solid sprocket 2013

Ares sprocket 2013

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Aresbikes AG stem V2

Aresbikes AG stem V2

setup price € stock
mat. black/33 mm 89.99 62.99 N/A
mat. black/45 mm 89.99 62.99 N/A
orange/45 mm 89.99 (incl. 19% VAT) AVAIL
buy from: brakeless, dealer

Second version of the of the Ares AG stem. Availlable in 2 different lengths, this stem covers a wide range of application methods. As the previous version, the AG V2 stem comes with a unique handlebar clamp system: tighten the upper two bolts and adjust with the lower 2 bolts.
more here

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Aresbykes slayer stem prototype

New prototype stem from Aresbykes with patented sandwich system.
Sizes: 35 mm and 45mm. It past the test stage and goes into production soon.

slayer stem prototype

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Ag stem pre-order special

Pre-order your AG stem until 14. April and get it for the japanese retail price (only valid until 14. April)!
Pre-order price: € 95.- (incl. 19% VAT)
Available in Mai 2011

Contact: info@brakeless.ch

AG stem

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Arestic adjustable plastic spacer

Made of plastic and in 8 different colors, this spacer will fashion up your bike.
5 different heights with only 1 spacer set.

10-15 mm
15-25 mm

Not yet available, more details soon!
adjustable plastic spacer
adjustable head spacer orangeadjustable head spacer greenadjustable head spacer blueadjustable head spacer red

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Arestic AG Stem Prototype

Arestic stem prototype with 2 different lenghts: 28mm + 45mm.

AG stem 45 mm
AG stem 28mm + 45mm
AG stem 45mm 2

AG stem 45mm 1

AG stem 28 mm
AG stem 28mm 1AG stem 28mm 2AG stem 28mm 3

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