A-Class NM Kevlar tire

Aresbikes A-Class NM Kevlar tire

setup price € stock
ame/1.75 49.95 (incl. 19% VAT) N/A
ame/1.90 49.95 (incl. 19% VAT) N/A
buy from: brakeless, dealer

Made out of silicon compound, the A-Class Non-Marking (NM) tire brings you the same grip as the original version of the A-Class tire. The tire with it’s new color “AME” leaves no marks on the floor and is therefore perfect for indoor riding.

Read what Hiroya Moirzaki has to say about the A-Class tire in the Decade Talk Vol. 3
more here

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New signature trick from Quentin – D.I.Y GoodSpeed

Quentin just received his new prototype frame from Aresbikes and he already comes up with a new signature trick. No foot-jump over the handlebar…how is that even possible! I hope Quentin invents more tricks like this in the future. I am already curious…

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Flatland Tricky – Birth of an App

Quentin Pelorson explains the birth of the Flatland Tricky app and what exactly you can do with it. Visit Flatland Tricky in the itunes store: https://itunes.apple.com/mz/app/flatland-tricky-bmx-4d-how-to/id1053462848?mt=8

YouTube Preview Image


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Making of Flatland Tricky app

Nice making of Flattland Tricky edit. Interesting how to see all the technique behind this app.

YouTube Preview Image
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Flatland tricky app

brakeless team rider Quentin Pelorson developed the flatland tricky app in collaboration with 4dviews. Flatland tricky is a how-to tool made for riders to learn new tricks. For iOS devices the app will be available at the end of 2015, for Android users it will be ready at the beginning of 2016. Follow flatland tricky on facebook/twitter or visite their website.
Twitter: @FlatlandTricky, Facebook: @FlatlandTricky, Website: www.flatlandtricky.fr


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J. Spin by Quentin Pelorson

Quentin Pelorson brings us a new signature trick in his new D.I.Y edit. The “J. Spin” is a no foot front wheel spin and the original idea came from John Leblond. I haven’t seen a no foot spin before, this looks amazing.

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Thematic NoseWheelie

Is there a trick Quentin can’t pull? Pure bike control in this nosewheelie thematic from our Quentin Pelorson….

YouTube Preview Image
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XFoot steamroller with Quentin!

Check this new how to xfoot steamroller edit from Quentin Pelorson. Find all other how to videos with Quentin here.

YouTube Preview Image
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New thematic videos from Quentin Pelorson

Our “How to” section is growing. Quentin Pelorson released 2 new thematic videos yesterday. Check the “Thematic Steamroller” and the “Thematic Karl Cruiser” videos with many variations of both tricks. Thank you Quentin for this addition. Hire essay writer

Thematic Steamroller

Thematic Karl Cruiser

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How to Steamroller

Trick list:

  • SteamRoller 00:10
  • Inside foot SteamRoller 00:27
  • SteamRoller Turbine 00:38
  • SteamRoller Barspin 00:50
  • SteamRoller Bodyvarial 01:07
  • Switch Foot SteamRoller 01:23
  • Switch Foot SteamRoller Turbine 01:30
YouTube Preview Image
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